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Key Value
as::author Emmanuel Frecon
as::build::date 2015-05-22
as::license BSD
description This module a generic access control language loosely modelled after the host access control which is found in most UNIX systems. The access control language is built around two files with the extensions .allow (or .alw) and .deny (or .dny). These files contain a number of lines, each matching a single access rule, where rule specifications are separated by ":". The first item in the line is the name of a resource, while the second item is a list of names of accessing entities (IP address, host names, etc.). These list are separated by space characters or comas. These items (or part of the list) are string patterns (string match like) that will be matched when checking for access allowance. The special keywords ALL are understood as * and are there for compatibility reasons. Traditional allow/deny file specification uses two files. This module also supports the extended syntax where lines can have a third (: separated) directive which can be ALLOW or DENY and let users keep all directives in a single more manageable file.
entity package
platform tcl
require Tcl -require 8.2

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