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Details of package crimp 0.1.1 win32-ix86

Key Value
author Andreas Kupries
build::date 2015-06-11
build::require critcl::util 1
description This package provides the CRIMP eco-system with all the image processing goodies. Note that this package does not contain image IO functionality. It indirectly provides only what it inherited from "crimp::core". For display of the images handled here use "crimp::tk". For reading and writing image files use the various other crimp packages, like "crimp::ppm", etc.
entity package
generated::by critcl 3.1.13 andreask
generated::date 2015-06-11
license Under a BSD license.
platform win32-ix86
require Tcl -require 8.5
crimp::core -require 0.1
summary Main CRIMP package containing all the image processing goodies

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