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Details of package crimp::pfm 0.1.1 linux-glibc2.3-ix86

Key Value
author Andreas Kupries
build::date 2015-04-24
description This package provides the CRIMP eco-system with the functionality to handle images stored as Portable FloatMap (PFM), an inofficial derivative of PGM storing floating point values instead of integers. It can read and write both plain and raw formats. The latter may actually not be portable, due to differences in the binary representation of floating point numbers.
entity package
generated::by critcl 3.1.13 andreask
generated::date 2015-04-24
license Under a BSD license.
platform linux-glibc2.3-ix86
require Tcl -require 8.5
crimp::core -require 0.1
subject image PFM image Portable FloatMap PFM import PFM export image image import image export
summary Extension of the CRIMP core to handle import and export of PFM images

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