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Key Value
author Andreas Kupries
build::by andreask
build::date 2015-06-11
description Base class for a linenoise-based read-eval-print-loop. Essentially an object-oriented equivalent of 'linenoise::cmdloop' provided by the core 'linenoise' package/binding. Customize the command loop by sub-classing.
entity package
platform tcl
require Tcl -require {8.5 {}}
linenoise -require 1.1
subject command loop repl read eval print loop command dispatcher linenoise line editor readline editline edit line tty console terminal read line line reader
summary Object-oriented linenoise-based read-eval-print-loop.
vc::revision 9b8d6162d2f15006a5d5504cb4790d4557e651b2
vc::system fossil

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