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Key Value
as::author Kare Sjolander
as::note Business Edition Only --- License required
as::type package
category Audio recording, processing, and playing
description The Snack sound extension adds commands to play and record audio. Snack supports in-memory sound objects, file based audio, and streaming audio, with background audio processing. It handles fileformats such as AIFF, AU, MP3, NIST/Sphere, and WAV. Snack is extensible; new commands and sound file formats can be added using the Snack C-library. This package is nearly identical to the regular snack package, the graphical parts have been stripped out. --- Access to this package requires a valid ActiveState ActiveTcl Business Edition license. Please visit to learn more about the ActiveTcl Business Edition offering.
entity redirect
license BSD
platform solaris2.6-sparc
require Tcl -require 8.4
subject sound audio wav aiff au mp3
summary Recording, processing, and playing of audio

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