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Key Value
as::author Karl Lehenbauer
as::build::date 2015-03-24
as::note Business Edition Only --- License required
as::type package
category Introspection Debugging
description This is a hackish tool for doing dangerous but potentially interesting things to Tcl objects. Using it you can sniff any Tcl object that you can contrive for the tweezer to be able to see, such as a variable, proc, array element, element of a list within a list, etc, find out its data type (internal representation), look at and manipulate its reference count, generate a new reference, and even force an object to shimmer to a different internal representation, which may actually be useful for something. --- Access to this package requires a valid ActiveState ActiveTcl Business Edition license. Please visit to learn more about the ActiveTcl Business Edition offering.
entity redirect
license BSD
platform hpux-parisc
require Tcl -require 8.4
subject introspection debugging shimmer reference internal dangerous
summary Deep introspection tool

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